Tips for Starting a Healthy Lifestyle!
  • Daily Devotion
  • Check your (5) Five Vital Signs
  • Spend Time with Your loved Ones
  • Set your Goals for the day and stay focused. “What do you want to accomplish today?”
  • Read an Inspirational/Motivational book, at least (3) three pages aloud
  • Do not compete with others. Remember your GOALS!
  • Smile, because you are alive
  • Believe in yourself
  • Do something you enjoy doing
  • Have yourself a Glass of Warm Lemon Water
  • Do at least a 15-minutes working out daily to boost life expectancy
  • Healthy Breakfast (whole-wheat, unprocessed food, vegetables, grains, protein food, and dairy.
  • Help someone
  • Work Hard and Do Not Give Up!
  • Save Some, Spend some, and Give away some, after you have Tithed.

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