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Choosing the right nanny/babysitter for your child is something crucial. It can be very apprehensive, not knowing if you are making the right choice, but our team at CLARKE’S helping hand care providers can assure you that we have your best interest at heart. Our nannies and babysitters are highly qualified, experienced with CPR training and who have a passion for caring for toddlers and children. The CLARKE’S Team nannies/babysitters carefully assess your children’s needs and work to suit in any environment to meet all your expectations. 

  • Overnight nanny/babysitters 
  • Nanny/babysitters for emergency
  • Holiday nanny/ babysitters
  • Full-time/Part- time
  • Special needs  
  • School pickups
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Our overnight nanny service begins at 9:00 pm to 7:00 am. You are provided with the same nanny for your entire service period with us unless you decide to change your nanny.   Our team of nannies will not only care for your child but will also help your child to sleep throughout the night. Also, families are provided with a night nanny for anywhere between three and six nights per week.
Here are the duties of a night nanny/babysitter: 

  • Giving a helping hand with settling baby to sleep
  • Changing diapers
  • Night feeding
  • Preparation of baby items for the morning, like bottles, dressing etc. 
  • Families are provided with advice for sleep routine training 
  • Breastfeeding advice and support
  • It is NOT the responsibility of our nannies/babysitters to do any domestic work or laundry

Clarke’s Helping Hand Care Providers nannies/babysitters are all employed by our company, we do not believe in third parties. Our nannies/babysitters are screened and interview by our Human Resource Specialist.  Also, our nannies/babysitters must submit a Police Certification of Character before being employed by our company. They are also trained in First Aid and CPR, certified in Early Childhood Education, and or Special Needs Care. They also possess excellent communication skills and are experienced.